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Trading in your vehicle can be an advantageous way to save on your next deal here at Audi Erie. If you have an old car that is on its last leg, you can get a free estimate for its value using this handy appraisal tool, courtesy of Edmunds. The form will give you a certificate telling you what your vehicle is worth, which is based on several factors including its demand, newness, and condition. Our dealership is currently looking for worthy additions to our used inventory, so we will accept all makes and models. Get your free Edmunds estimate today and visit us here at Audi Erie for an in-person appraisal.

You will find our dealership here at 5711 Peach St in Erie, PA and less than a half-hour outside of North East, PA.

How the Form Works

To get started using our Edmunds trade-in appraisal form, you will need all of the following handy:

  • Your 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN)- this can be found on the title or registration of your car
  • License plate number (can be used in lieu of VIN)
  • Current odometer mileage reading

The Edmunds form will ask you for all of these at some point. You can start by entering in the VIN or your license plate number, both of which will result in a preliminary appraisal that matches your exact vehicle. From there, you will need to answer some additional questions about the car, including how many previous owners it has had, and additional features it might have, and a general assessment of its current condition. If everything is in good working order, and the car is relatively free of noticeable wear-and-tear, you might be pleasantly surprised at the end result.

After the form has all the details it needs on your trade, Jamestown, NY customers will receive a final appraisal certificate, which they can print off from their home and bring it in to Audi Erie.

How Much Could Your Vehicle be Worth?

Your car's trade-in value is based on a number of important factors, including its condition and newness. Typically, the better shape your vehicle is in, and the more recently it was released, the more you can potentially get back for it. Another determining factor of trade-in value is the vehicle's current demand on the open market. If you drive a vehicle that has a lot of popularity these days, you could get more for it than a vehicle that is no longer in-style.

However, when you receive your Edmunds trade-n value, you should consider the depreciation process. Every new car suffers a drop in its resale value as soon as you first drive it off the lot, which is known as "depreciation." While the car may remain in excellent physical condition, you may not receive as much money back as you put in originally.

What to Do After

After receiving a trade-in appraisal, Meadville customers will have a few days to decide if they want to sell or trade their vehicle in. The biggest benefit to trade-in is how much you will save on your deal. While trade-in is not required for lease agreements, it can potentially save you big on an auto loan. Depending on your old car's value, you could pay nothing out-of-pocket for your down payment and your first month's as well.

However, some drivers might not be in the market for something new. If you decide you do not need a car now, you can redeem your trade-in value and receive a check for its Edmunds value from our team. Unlike selling to a private buyer, our dealership guarantees you can receive exactly what your vehicle is worth, with no need to haggle. Our sales team is currently searching for used cars, which are in high demand, so we accept all makes and models, even if you didn't drive an Audi. You can get a check whether or not you decide to shop with our store.

Sell us Your Trade Today

We invite you to sell us your trade and visit Audi Erie for an in-person appraisal. Whether you choose to sell or trade, you cannot go wrong with our free Edmunds trade-in appraisal. You will find our Erie, PA Audi dealership less than an hour outside of Ashtabula, OH. We hope to see you soon!

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